The latest Technical report of the group (2009) contains a collection of 7 papers which are available on-line in PDF format.  (we can also send you a complementary printed copy on request).

Past reports from the ASG group:

  1. Collaborative Location Aware Mobile Services 2008 Technical report of the Advanced Systems Group 
  2. Mobile Trust, 2007 Technical report of the Advanced Systems Group 
  3. From Objects to Mobile Systems and Services, the 2006 technical report of the Advanced Systems Group (out of print)

Two books are also available at your local book-store

  1. Interoperability of Enterprise Software and Applications, Dimitri Konstantas, Jean-Paul Bourrieres, Michel Leonard, Nacer Boudjlida, (eds), Springer, 2005, ISBN 1 84628 151 1

  2. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Object Oriented Information Systems, Dimitri Konstantas, Michel Leonard, Yves Pigneur, Shusma Patel (editors), Geneva, September 2003, Lecture Notes on Computer Sciences No. 2817, Springer 2003

Other Past Publications of the OSG group  (previous name of the group):  

  1. Internet Objects, our 2000 technical report 
  2. Trusted Objects, our 1999 technical report 
  3. Electronic Commerce Objects, our 1998 technical report
  4. Objects at Large, our 1997 technical report
  5. Mobile Object Systems: Towards The programmable Internet, ed. Jan Vitek and Christian Tschudin, Springer Verlag, LNCS 1222, 1997
  6. Object Applications, our 1996 technical report available on the WWW ,
  7. Object-Oriented Software Composition, a book available at your local book-store.

Please contact us if you need further information