Table of Contents

  1. Hovering Information: A Self-Organising Infrastructure-Free Information Storage and Retrieval Service
    Alfredo A. Villalba Castro, Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo, and Dimitri Konstantas
  2. Quality of Service Predictions Service: QoS Support for Proactive Mobile Applications and Services
    Katarzyna Wac, Melanie Hilario, Bert-Jan van Beijnum, Richard Bults, Dimitri Konstantas.
  3. Towards Quality of Service-Awareness of Mobile Healthcare Services 
    Katarzyna Wac
  4. Optimal Security Adaptation in Proximity-Based Wireless Networks
    Tewfiq El Maliki and Jean-Marc Seigneur 
  5. Boosting Trustworthy Hotspots Rating with Implicit Hotspot QoS Evidence
    Xavier Titi and Jean-Marc Seigneur 
  6. Exception Based Enterprise Rights Management : Towards a Paradigm Shift in Information Security and Policy Management
    Jean-Henry Morin
  7. Kinetic User Interfaces for unobtrusive interaction with mobile and ubiquitous systems
    Vincenzo Pallotta
  8. 2009 Activity Report Summary of the ASGroup 

. 191

Mobile Quality of Service

Dimitri Konstantas & Jean-Marc Seigneur (Eds.) Geneva 2009

Centre Universitaire d’Informatique
Battelle - Bātiment A
7, route de Drize
CH-1227 Carouge

ISBN 978-2-88903-004-0
Editions SES - Universite de Geneve