Advanced Systems Group
Centre Universitaire d'Informatique
Department of Information Systems
October 2008

Table of Contents


  1. The Uncertainty of the Truth 1
    Michel Deriaz
  2. Mobile Location Based Services for Trusted Information in Disaster Management 23
    Lemonia Ragia, Michel Deriaz and Jean-Marc Seigneur
  3. User-centric Mobile Identity Management Services33
    Tewfiq El Maliki and Jean-Marc Seigneur
  4. LSPEnv:  Location-based Service Provider for Environmental Data77
    Katarzyna Wac and  Lemonia Ragia
  5. Context-Aware Middleware Architecture for Vertical Handover Support to Multi-homed Nomadic Mobile Services  91
    Pravin Pawar,
    Pierre Maret, Katarzyna Wac, Aart van Halteren, Bert-Jan van Beijnum, Hermie Hermens
  6. Collaborative QoS-information Sharing for Mobile Service Users: A Web 2.0 Business Model proposal 107
    Katarzyna Wac, Richard Bults, Dimitri Konstantas, Hong Chen and  Bert-Jan van Beijnum
  7. Power- and Delay-Aware Mobile Application-Data Flow Adaptation: the MobiHealth System Case Study  133
    Katarzyna Wac, Mortaza Bargh, Arjan Peddemors, Pravin Pawar, Bert-Jan van Beijnum, Richard Bults
  8. Hovering Information - Self-Organising Information that Finds its Own Storage149
    Alfredo Villalba Castro, Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo, Dimitri Konstantas
  9. Hovering Information - Infrastructure-Free Self-Organising Location-Aware  Information Dissemination Service  165
    Alfredo Villalba Castro, Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo, Dimitri Konstantas
  10. PlayMancer: A European Serious Gaming 3D Environment 179
    Elias Kalapanidas, Hikari Watanabe, Costas Davarakis, Hannes Kaufmann, Fernando Fernandez Aranda, Tony Lam, Todor Ganchev and Dimitri Konstantas
  11. User Experience and Emotion-Aware Business Network Service Selection189
    Jean-Marc Seigneur and Xavier Titi

Activity Report Summary of the ASGroup. 191

Collaborative Location Aware Mobile Services

Dimitri Konstantas & Jean-Marc Seigneur (Eds.) Geneva 2008

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