Mobile Trust

Edited by Dimitri Konstantas


Advanced Systems Group

Centre Universitaire d’Informatique

Department of Information Systems

Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences


Table of Contents


1.      Trust Without Truth
Michel Deriaz

2.      Trusting Virtual Tags
Michel Deriaz  

3.      Trust and Security in Spatial Messaging: FoxyTag, the Speed Camera Case Study
Michel Deriaz and Jean-Marc Seigneur 

4.      Location Based Services for Traffic Management
Lemonia Ragia and Michel Deriaz

 5.      Message Quality for Pervasive System Security
Ciaran Bryce 

6.      Hovering Information :  a new paradigm for sharing delocalized information
Dimitri Konstantas and Alfredo Villalba 

7.      Dependability requirements for hovering information
Giovana Di Marzo, Alfredo Villalba, Dimitri Konstantas

 8.      Accuracy evaluation of application-level performance measurements
Wac, K., Arlos, P., Fiedler, M., Chevul, S., Isaksson, L., Bults, R.

 9.      OSS Quality Assessment Trustworthiness
Jean-Marc Seigneur  

10.  A Reference Model for F/OSS Processes 
Michel Pawlak and Ciaran Bryce.