StreamCom - Commercialization of Streamed Information

SPP-ICS 2000 project No. 5003-057755

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Project Overview

The goal of the StreamCom project is to study the problems and issues related to the commercialization of streamed information, like video, audio and news-feeds. The StreamCom project aims in defining a model for the commercialization of streamed information and developing a demonstrator application that will allow the commercialization of video streams on a pay-per-use basis over broadcast networks while protecting the intellectual rights of the producer(s). The project will integrate the results and know-how of the SPP projects HyperNews (secure content encapsulation), Mercurio (ticketing), Reference Model Electronic Commerce (component-based modelling), Secure Electronic Contracts (secure contracts as generic form of electronic tickets), Virtual Software House (on-line distribution of software and digital products) Domain Name Exchange (agent based concepts related with contracts), CATI (quality of service, virtual private networks).

Today, video production and video trading is one of the major commercial activities around the world. Private and public organizations provide the public with information, education and entertainment on a daily basis. The produced video is delivered to the public either as broadcast video, via wireless or wire (cable) distribution, or as rented/sold video on video tapes and CDs. However a major problem in the distribution of video is the protection of the intellectual rights of the producer. Video producers want on one hand to protect their intellectual rights, and on the other hand to diffuse their production to an as large as possible public. Existing systems, like video coding (pay-TV), although they allow the video producer a certain control and revenue collection, they provide insufficient protection of his intellectual rights. Any recipient can copy the decoded video and redistributed it without the consent of the rights holder.

The StreamCom project aims in studying the problems and issues related to the commercialization of streamed information, like video, audio and news-feeds. In particular new concepts for the commercial distribution of video and the protection of the video producer's intellectual property rights will be developed. By applying new payment concepts, as pay-per-use based on electronic ticketing, new forms of on-line delivery and bandwidth reservation for life-video will be explored. The applicability of the new concepts will be developed and validated in a demonstrator system. As electronic tickets represent one form of electronic contracts, already existing concepts for secure electronic contracts will be applied and validated.

The targeted software modules and concepts for streaming and pay-per-use can be useful for other forms of digital products as software, music, etc. For that reason the project also aims to generalize, as much as possible, the findings from the specific application of the project to general-purpose components, freely composable with different kinds of components, and capable of reuse in different scenarios. In this context the requirements on pay-per-use applications as well as interfaces to other electronic payment systems will be studied. The component-based architecture can be applied for the instantiation of the necessary components for specific applications. Guidelines for the application of streaming and pay-per-use concepts for digital products will be developed as well. The results of the project will be integrated into a component-based reference model for integrated electronic commerce solutions. The reference model will enable a quick position of a possible application in the general model and to identify the relevant components.

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