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Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur

Phone: +41 22 379.0238
Fax: +41 22 379.0233
Office 234
Web Page : http://cui.unige.ch/~seigneur/
Advanced Systems Group
Centre Universitaire d'Informatique
University of Geneva
Battelle bātiment A
7 route de Drize
CH-1227 Carouge

> Presentation

I have published more than 30 refeered research papers on computational trust management, online reputation, privacy and identity management since 2000. In this field, I have also provided technical consulting and presentations to a good number of major industrial players (Philips, SAP, Nokia, Amazon...)

After working for Hewlett-Packard (including 5 months in China) and being a Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin (where I stayed 5 years and obtained my PhD),  I have joined the ASG at the University of Geneva to further research, teach, supervise students and apply my knowledge in the real world.

Please check here for a more complete presentation http://cui.unige.ch/~seigneur/

> Projects

I work on the EU-funded EDOS project (it is my 4th EU project).

I also supervise Michel Deriaz's PhD thesis and take care of the trust management aspect of the FoxyTag related service (including some interesting coding).

I organise a group of more than 150 academic and industrial players http://www.trustcomp.org and a few events related to computational trust and online reputation:

  1. the ACM SAC trust/collaboration track, http://www.truscomp.org/treck
  2. the IEEE workshop on the value of security through collaboration, http://www.truscomp.org/secoval

> Courses

Programmation Objets, Programmation de Systèmes

> A sample of the best students that I've supervised or advised at one stage:

  • Daniel Solis (graduated MSc at Trinity College Dublin, the outcome of the supervision allowed him to be a co-author at an international research conference, which is nice for his CV)
  • Michel Deriaz (PhD student at the University of Geneva, on-going supervision, the outcome of the supervision already consists of a few research papers)
  • Pierpaolo Dondio (PhD student at Trinity College Dublin, I advised him concerning computational trust background and he is now getting good results in the field)
  • ...
If you're interested, I have a great number of BSc and MSc thesis subjects (sujets de mémoire) with good potential to be published in research conferences (valuable to be able to mention in a CV to have a paper in a major research conference), send me an email at Jean-Marc.Seigneur@cui.unige.ch

> Publications

Please contact me for a full list of publications or check here for a few of my publications  http://cui.unige.ch/~seigneur/