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Ciarán Bryce

Phone: +41 22 379.76.64
Fax: +41 22 379.77.80
Office 4.04
Web Page : http://cui.unige.ch/~bryce/
Advanced Systems Group
Centre Universitaire d'Informatique
University of Geneva
24, rue Général-Dufour
1211 Genève 4 - SWITZERLAND

> Presentation

I am scientific manager of the Advanced Systems Group. The themes of the current projects center on distributed computing systems and security.

The SECURE project is an EU FET project whose goal is to design a security policy model for autonomous computing systems and applications. These are systems containing a potentially huge and variable number of nodes; the total number might not even be known by anyone. Autonomous systems are strongly decentralized. Examples include a wireless ad hoc network, and even a peer-to-peer group on the Internet. The strong decentralization means that traditional computer security infrastructures adapt poorly, so an alternative approach needs to be found.

The goal of the EDOS project is to design a secure infrastructure for the distribution of open source software. The distribution mechanism will use a peer-to-peer architecture. Another goal of this project is to reduce the production effort for an open source system release; this will be done by outsourcing testing procedures to community members.

Another research element is security for multi-programmed Java platforms. Traditionally, Java platforms are mono-application and single user. That is, the environment runs a single Java program, on behalf of a single user. The Java Specification Request (JSR) 121 presents the Isolation API, whose goal is to manage independent programs within a single Java environment. In collaboration with researchers from the Barcelona group at Sun Microsystems, we are currently investigating the design of a security policy model for multi-programmed Java environments.

> Projects

Participation to current projects : SECURE, Self-Organizing Applications (FNRS), EDOS, Java Platform Security.

Participation to recent projects : SIMAT, Lana.

> Courses

Programation de Systèmes, Programation Objet, DEA MATIS Programmation de Systèmes.

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