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Oscar Nierstrasz, "A Tour of Hybrid -- A Language for Programming with Active Objects", , vol., no. , pp. 167-182, , 1992


Object-oriented programming is a powerful paradigm for organizing software into reusable components. There have been several attempts to adapt and extend this paradigm to the programming of concurrent and distributed applications. Hybrid is a language whose design attempts to retain multiple inheritance, genericity and strong-typing, and incorporate a notion of active objects. Objects in Hybrid are potentially active entities that communicate with one another through a message-passing protocol loosely based on remote procedure calls. Non-blocking calls and delay queues are the two basic mechanisms for interleaving and scheduling activities. A prototype implementation of a compiler and run-time system for Hybrid have been completed. We shall review aspects of the language design and attempt to evaluate its shortcomings. We conclude with a list of requirements that we pose as a challenge for the design of future concurrent object-oriented languages.


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