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Dimitri Konstantas,"Cell: A Framework for a Strongly Distributed Object Based System", Dept. of Computer Science, University of Geneva, , 1993


Two of the most important problems that open distributed systems face in large heterogeneous networks are the scalability of the underlying mechanisms and the interoperation of the different applications. In this thesis we introduce the Cell, a framework for the design of a scalable Strongly Distributed Object Based System that supports a high level of interoperation between the different applications. The basic element in the Cell framework is a cell which is composed of membrane and a nucleus. The membrane encapsulates the nucleus and provides support for all communication with the external world while the nucleus manages all local resources. A high level interoperation between the applications of the different cells is achieved with the support by the membrane of Object Oriented Interoperability. A prototype implementation of a cell demonstrates the ideas and concepts of the Cell framework and Object Oriented Interoperability.


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