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Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo and Michel Deriaz,, "Specification-Carrying Code for Self-Managed Systems", in Proc. IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Self-Managed Systems & Services (Nice, France, 19 May, 2005), pp.


This paper proposes the notion of Specification-Carrying Code as an interaction mechanism for self-assembly of autonomous decentralised software components. Each autonomous software entity incorporates more information than its operational behaviour, and publishes more data than its signature. The idea is to provide separately, for each entity, a functional part implementing its behaviour - the traditional program code; and an abstract description of the entity’s functional behaviour and necessary parameters - a semantic behavioural description under the form of a formal specification. Interactions are exclusively based on the specifications and occur among entities with corresponding specifications. In the case of autonomic computing systems, in addition to functional aspects, the specification may carry a semantic description of non-functional information related to self-management. This paper presents the principles of the Specification-Carrying Code paradigm, the associated Service-Oriented Architecture, and it explains how self-managed systems can benefit from this paradigm.


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