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Deriaz Michel, "Towards Trusted Semantic Service Computing", , 2005


This paper describes a new prototype of a semantic Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) called Spec Services. Instead of publishing their API through a protocol like SOAP, as Web Services do, services can register to a service manager a powerful syntactic description or even semantic description of their functional capabilities. The client entity will then send a syntactic or semantic description of its requirements to the service manager, which will try to find an appropriate formerly registered service and to bind them together. Today our service manager can deal with two languages: regular expressions, which is probably the most powerful syntactic-only description language; and Prolog, which is purely semantic. This implementation is made, since its beginning, with evolution in mind, i.e. to easily support integration of new additional formal languages and to provide support for non-functional properties of services. This paper proposes also a trust-based extension of our architecture in order to deploy effectively these self-describing services in an uncertain environment.


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