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Van Halteren A., Konstantas D., Bults R. Wac K., Dokovsky N. Koprinkov G., Jones V., Widya I, "MobiHealth: Ambulant Patient Monitoring Over Next Generation Public Wireless Networks", in e-health: Current Status and Future Trends, pp. 107, Amsterdam, 1-58603-442-1, , 2004


In this chapter we describe the MobiHealth approach to provision of mobile health services. The use of health BANs together with advanced wireless communications enables remote management of chronic conditions and detection of health emergencies whilst maximising patient mobility. MobiHealth develops a generic Body Area Network (BAN) for healthcare and an m-health service platform. The BAN incorporates a set of body-worn devices and handles communication amongst those devices. It also handles external communication with a remote location. During the MobiHealth project the main devices used are medical sensors, and the remote healthcare location is a healthcare provider (a hospital or medical call center). Biosignals measured by sensors connected to the BAN are transmitted to the remote healthcare location over wireless telephony services. The project results include an architecture for, and a prototype of, a generic service platform for provision of ubiquitous healthcare services based on Body Area Networks. The MobiHealth BAN and service platform are trialled in four European countries with a variety of patient groups. The MobiHealth System can support not only sensors, but potentially any body worn device, hence the system has potentially very many applications in healthcare which allow healthcare services to delivered in the community. This chapter presents the MobiHealth technology, the trials and the evaluation, and identifies a number of research issues raised by the project. MobiHealth aims at introducing new mobile value-added services in the area of healthcare, based on 2.5 (GPRS) and 3G (UMTS) technologies, thus promoting the use and deployment of GPRS and UMTS. This will be achieved by the integration of sensors and actuators to a Wireless Body Area Network (BAN). These sensors and actuators will continuously measure and transmit vital constants along with audio and video to health service providers and brokers, improving on one side the life of patients and allowing on the other side the introduction of new value-added services in the areas of disease prevention and diagnostic, remote assistance, para-health services, physical state monitoring (sports) and even clinical research. Furthermore, the MobiHealth BAN system will support the fast and reliable application of remote assistance in case of accidents by allowing the paramedics to send reliable vital constants data as well as audio and video directly from the accident site.


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