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Dimitris Thanos , Dimitri Konstantas, "COiN-Video : A Model for the Commercial Dissemination of Video over Open Networks", in Proc. Proceedings of the IBC 2001 Conference (RAI Amsterdam, , 2001), pp.


Video is one of the primary media for content dissemination. However its commercialization success depends on the efficiency of the mechanisms guaranteeing the protection of author rights and the flexibility in the introduction of new commercialization models and value added services. Depending on the dissemination infrastructure different approaches are today available providing a certain level of copyright protection. However few of the present models and technologies provide the required flexibility for the future interactive video market. This paper desciribes a video commercialization model which provides a promising approach for flexible video commercialization providing fine grain video protection, dynamic price modification, superdistribution of video productions and unique final consumer identification. It is based in video segmentation, watermarking and encryption and be easily employed for both analog and digital video distribution.


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