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Vijay Sundaresan, Chrislain Razafimahefa, Raja Vall?e-Rai , Laurie Hendren, "Practical Virtual Method Call Resolution for Java", July, 1999


This paper addresses the problem of resolving virtual method and interface calls in Java. The main focus is on practical, flow-insensitive techniques that can be used to analyze large applications. We present a new flow-insensitive analysis called reaching-type analysis, which is used to estimate the set of types that reach the receiver of virtual method/interface calls. We present two variations of this analysis, variable-type analysis and a coarser-grain version called declared-type analysis. We also demonstrate how a points-to style analysis, called refers-to analysis, can be used to resolve the types of receivers. We have implemented our techniques using the Soot framework, and we report on em-pirical results for 9 Java benchmarks, including the 7 benchmarks from SPECjvm98. We have measured the success of the various analyses at building accurate call graphs, and we conclude that reaching-type analysis leads to call graphs with 17% to 44% fewer edges and 14% to 48% fewer nodes than the corresponding call graph built using a standard class hierarchy analysis.


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