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Xavier Pintado, "Gluons and the Cooperation between Software Components", in Object-Oriented Software Composition, pp. 321-349, , , , 1995


A major problem in software engineering is how to specify the patterns of interaction among software components so that they can be assembled to perform tasks in a cooperative way. Such cooperative assembly requires that components obey rules ensuring their interaction compatibility. The choice of a specific approach to specifying rules depends on various criteria such as the kind of target environment, the nature of the software components or the kind of programming language. This chapter reviews major efforts to develop and promote standards that address this issue. We present our own approach to the construction of a development framework for software applications that make use of real-time financial information. For this domain, the two main requirements are (1) to facilitate the integration of new components into an existing system, and (2) to allow for the run-time composition of software components.The goal of the development framework is to provide dynamic interconnection capabilities. The basic idea is to standardize and reuse interaction protocols that are encapsulated inside special objects called gluons. These objects mediate the cooperation of software components. We discuss the advantages of the approach, and provide examples of how gluons are used in the financial framework.


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