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Panos Constantopoulos, Martin D, "Component Classification in the Software Information Base", in Object-Oriented Software Composition, pp. 177-200, , , , 1995


A key component in a reuse-oriented software development environment is an appropriate software repository. We present a repository system which supports the entire software development lifecycle, providing for the integrated and consistent representation, organization, storage, and management of reusable artefacts. The system can support multiple development and representation models and is dynamically adaptable to new ones. The chapter focuses on the facilities offered by the system for component classification, an important technique for retrieving reusable software. It is demonstrated that the inherently delicate and complex process of classification is streamlined and considerably facilitated by integrating it into a wider documentation environment and, especially, by connecting it with software static analysis. The benefits in terms of precision, consistency and ease of use can be significant for large scale applications.


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