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Xavier Pintado, Michel Bonjour, Edelmiro Fuentes, "The WanderVogel project", August, 1996


The Internet is unveiling a new era for information dissemination where a very large number of users can openly access a huge information space. The Internet is also becoming an important support for business activities because it offers many desirable features that are lacking in most traditional media (e.g., television and newspapers) such as interactivity and user feedback capabilities. These features will allow for a more effective management of the relationship between business providers and potential customers, which is of foremost importance for market efficiency. On one hand, business providers will be able to achieve a better knowledge of customers' interests. On the other hand, customers will benefit from a easier access to business offers. Present ly the Internet only provides weak support to business providers compared with what can be achieved with this kind of media. In this paper we discuss what we think is the support that business providers are expecting from the Internet and what kind of innovative marketing strategies can be implemented with it in order to achieve improved market efficiency. We then present an architecture to implement such a support which represents the kernel of the WanderVogel project. The architecture revolves around an identification-action mechanism. The mechanism collects information dynamically about user exploration profiles and attempts to identify user interests on-the-fly. Identification information is then submitted to a fuzzy-control engine which may trigger actions in response to specific identifications. The fuzzy-control engine is able to react to both interest identification and interest reinforcement which allows for the implementation of powerful user interest-aware information access strategies.


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