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Xavier Pintado, "New Approaches for the Visualization of Financial Information", July, 1993


The availability of affordable fast graphics hardware will have considerable impact on the way people deal with information. Highly interactive interfaces relying on fast 2-dimensional bitmap operations, and fast 3-dimensional image synthesis are becoming available. This paper explores some new representation techniques based on fast graphics primitives. We present first financial information radars as a flexible data representation technique for financial information. The concept of information radar takes inspiration on traditional oscilloscopes and radars. Information radars are 2D visualization tools that display multiple superimposed translucent data representation layers. Each representation layer being translucent allows the layers that lay behind it to be seen. The radar provides multiple interaction modes so that the user can interact with the various layers either to modify representations, to explore data relationships, or to access other tools. Information radars rely on fast a-channel operations to visualize multiple representation layers simultaneously. The second data representation technique is based on fast 3-dimensional image synthesis. The idea is that a virtual camera allows for the visualization of a virtual world composed of objects that exhibit dynamic behaviours. The camera is driven by a fuzzy controller to which users can specify viewing interests expressed as rules in terms of fuzzy logic linguistic variables. The fuzzy controller drives the movement of the camera so that the camera shows what the user expressed interest in. This technique is particularly well suited for the visualization of real time financial data.


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