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Eugene Fiume, Dennis Tsichritzis, Laurent Dami, "A Temporal Scripting Language for Object-Oriented Animation", in Proc. Proceedings of Eurographics 1987 (North-Holland) (Amsterdam, , 1987), pp.


Object orientation and concurrency are inherent to computer animation. Since the pieces of an animation can come from various media such as computer-generated imagery, video, and sound, the case for object orientation is all the stronger. However, languages for expressing the temporal co-ordination of animated objects have been slow in coming. We present such a language in this paper. Since the movements that an animated object can perform are also encapsulated as objects in our system, the scripting language can also be used to specify motion co-ordination. Such "motion objects" can be applied to any animated object. The syntax, semantics, and implementation of this language will be described, and we shall show how to specify device-independent computer animation.


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