Welcome to Advanced Systems Group


Since January 1st 2011 the Advanced Systems Group (ASG) has been integrated into the newlly created Institute of Services Science of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics. The (no longer existing as entity) ASG inegrated in the ISS 31 years of research in both theoretical and applied aspects of object-oriented programming, including object based multimedia communication systems. Since 1987 the group has published 5 books, 11 yearly collections of technical reports, 17 Ph.D. theses and more than 200 papers in various international conferences and journals. The group has also an active participation in various Swiss and European Union projects.

The activities in iSS center on Mobile services and applications, like location based services, trust of mobile services, and quality of service for mobile networks. Other pages on this site summarise our on-going research projects in each of these areas.

A collection of our the latest work can be found in our 2009 technical report
"Mobile Quality of Service".
A limited number of printed copies are available on request.

Students Information

Une page de sujets de mémoires prédéfinis pour le bachelor et le master est disponible sur notre site. Cette liste est non exaustive. D'autres sujets peuvent vous être proposés, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter directement.